sacrificial lamb

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sacrificial lamb
sacrificial lamb.png
Release Type EP
Label Self-published
Release Date July 4, 2018
Tracks 5
Length 8:44
Tags electronic; plunderphonics; samples; vaporwave
Status Online
Previous Release social justice whatever
Next Release deep dark trench

sacrificial lamb is an EP released by chris††† as a supplement, prologue, and epilogue to deep dark trench.[1] In 2019, it was released on streaming platforms along with deep dark trench.[2]

Christine W. Chandler (or CWC, also known as Chris-Chan) created the album cover, with chris††† paying her for the use of the artwork.[3]


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 twenty eighty four 2:11
2 A2 something wrong 1:58
3 A3 born to die 1:13
4 A4 days end 2:14
5 A5 reruns 1:08


an prologue/epilogue


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