100% Electronicon Mix Tape Volume 2

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100% Electronicon Mix Tape Volume 2
100% Electronica 2.png
ArtistVarious Artists
Release Type Album (Compilation)
Label 100% Electronica
Formats Cassette
Release Date October 20, 2019
Tracks 25
Length 1:21:38
Status Online
"100% Electronicon Mix Tape" Series
Previous Release 100% Electronicon Mix Tape Volume 1

100% Electronicon Mix Tape Volume 2 is a compilation released by 100% Electronica given to participants for free at 100% ElectroniCON. The compilation is a mix of both released and unreleased material. It's currently only on a physical release.


# Artist Track Release Length
A1 ESPRIT 空想 Slow 2018 (Sky's The Limit Remix) 200% Electronica Outtakes 4:38
A2 SAINT PEPSI Tribute To Glass Beach Original 2:12
A3 Slayyyter Sunshine (Demo) 3:37
A4 George Clanton & Nick Hexum Crash Pad George Clanton & Nick Hexum 4:19
A5 FrankJavCee Helluva Life Volume 2​.​5 2:22
A6 NxxxxxS Lowwpressure High Pressure Research EP 1:43
A7 18 Carat Affair Sweet Dreams Original 1:38
A8 Dan Mason ダン·メイソン Go Away Hypnagogia 3:24
A9 Internet Club Internet Club Memories Of Disk (Preliminary Version Gold) Original (Later released as a SoundCloud single) 1:53
A10 Vaperror Magic Forest Flamingo Funk vol.2 3:37
A11 Maitro MSN Memories Original 2:23
A12 Game Boi Adv Begin SoundCloud Single (Later released on Game Boi Adv Vol I-IV) 1:41
A13 yuele Pocky Boy Serotonin II 4:01
A14 Telepath テレパシー能力者 & Agia Seaside Escapade Unison 3:16
B1 Eyeliner Los Angeles Original (Later released on Drop Shadow) 3:37
B2 chris††† American Dream (Radio Edit) Original 4:40
B3 Death's Dynamic Shroud.wmv Blue Heart Original (Later released on The Masterflan) 4:06
B4 Equip Fragmented Malachite Chamber Original 2:29
B5 猫 シ Corp. Paradise Matrix (Edit) 2:52
B6 Golden Living Room Mountain Of Obsidian Knives 2:34
B7 R23X You Can't Go This Way Right Now VELTAHL 3:31
B8 Fire-Toolz Clear Light Field Whispers (Into The Crystal Palace) 7:12
B9 FM Skyline I Switched To Crystal Lite™ Original 3:20
B10 Neon Vectors Hopefully SoundCloud Single 3:21
B11 Bruce Smear Airlock Original 3:12


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