Bedlam Sampler Year 1

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Bedlam Sampler Year 1
ArtistVarious Artists
Release Type Sampler
Label Bedlam Tapes
Bandcamp Album
Release Date December 18, 2015
Tracks 15
Length 1:01:00
Tags electronic; ambient; electronic; plunderphonics; sample; sampler; vaporwave
Status Offline
"Bedlam Sampler" Series
Next Release Bedlam Sampler Year 2

Bedlam Sampler Year 1 is the first sampler release by Bedlam Tapes, consisting of select tracks from the label's first year of operation. A majority of the release was transcribed onto the Bedlam Tapes 2015-2016 sampler later on.

The release, along with multiple others, was removed from Bedlam in 2021 following a revival of the label.


# Artist Track Release Length
1 death's dynamic shroud.wmv Sugar Crystals 死と音楽の復活 4:58
2 Pursuing Paradise Aℓσηє on a Cold Night / No, I Need You. I'm Coming Adult Contemporary Novel 3:30
3 ArtFluids Avoc Cado Proteus 3:14
4 Chinese Hackers Underground ( wiretap ) 3:06
5 REZ X OSCOB Crime Suite Virtual High End™ 4:11
6 Cobalt Road & STΛQQ ƟVERFLƟ Paradise Biosphere 3:17
7 chris††† offline / judas inside no lives matter 5:49
8 Windows 98の キャバ嬢 The Dream Can't Last Forever Trilogy 4:49
9 Dante Mars Ajeto! A5 roland.mp3 Celebrating Digital Artifacts 2:58
10 Bonus Fruit SK█L█T█NS Dissatisfied 3:42
11 The Editor Seoul It's Great To See You Again 4:06
12 General Translator VSJRP(DATE).wav CONTEMPORARY 1:30
13 Hantasi Food Court Vacant Places 4:07
14 Hantasi 三更 MIDNIGHT CLUB ❤ LOVE SQUID 7:15
15 reef frequent Another Bottle [Ft. No Death] Emperor 4:28


A sampler of each album from the first year of Bedlam Tapes.

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