Closer To Euphoria

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Closer To Euphoria
ArtistMindSpring Memories
Additional Credits TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL (Graphic Design Assistance)
Release Type Album
Label power_lunch foundation
Midwest Collective
Bandcamp Album
Release Date November 13, 2017
December 31, 2020 (Re-release)
Tracks 7
Length 52:30

experimental; ambient; bliss; easy listening; euphoria; fantasy; mallsoft; new age; phaserwave; plunderphonics; sample-based; slushwave; smooth jazz; vaporwave (MindSpring Memories)

90s; ambient; ambient vaporwave; experimental; phaserwave; post-internet; post-vaporwave; power_lunch; slushwave; vaporwave (power_lunch foundation)
Status Online
MindSpring Memories
Previous Release The Binary Ocean
Next Release Slush Conez

Closer To Euphoria is an album by MindSpring Memories. The album was originally released as a follow-up to The Binary Ocean, released 3 months before. The album was published on cassette through power_lunch foundation in 2017, and was repressed in 2020 through Midwest Collective.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Closer To Euphoria (Reprise) 7:33
2 A2 Wading_Waiting 13:34
3 A3 In The Far Distance 7:19
4 B1 Dreaming Of Dreamland 4:46
5 B2 Gorgeous Premonition 3:53
6 B3 Found In The Rivers 10:41
7 B4 Crystal Haze 4:40


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