The Ailanthus Recordings 10 Year Anniversary Compilation

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The Ailanthus Recordings 10 Year Anniversary Compilation
ArtistVarious Artists
Release Type Album (Compilation)
Label Ailanthus Recordings
Catalog Number AR181
Bandcamp Album
Release Date December 4, 2021
Tracks 43
Length 2:51:58
Tags ambient; avant-garde; diy; drone; electronic; experimental; folk; jazz; pop; punk; vaporwave; internet
Status Online

The Ailanthus Recordings 10 Year Anniversary Compilation is a compilation by Ailanthus Recordings, published as a part of the label's 10-year anniversary. Downloads of the album also include "Roberto Clemente Rookie Card 2011 Compilation", an originally Blogspot-exclusive compilation by the label's creator.


# Artist Track Length
1 nonconnah just beyond perception 2:30
2 Linckoln Sundown 3:40
3 「サンセット Network❾❶」 ダンシングLIGHTS
4 GaGoBe Sexy Thang 4:46
5 猫 シ Corp. Hazel 3:11
6 Marcus Eads In The Lobby 4:16
7 회사AUTO Scott Michael, Pennsylvania, 2011 1:34
8 The Anti-Corn League Afternoon Meditation 3:21
9 Super Graphic Ultra Modern Greater Reflex 2:35
10 luxury elite swimming 1:45
11 Raw Thrills Anubis 2:50
12 Michael Green 11111111111 4:15
13 C. Scott and the Beltones Babble On 4:58
14 YlangYlang Imaginary Colors 6:28
15 remo sh twice upon a time 3:44
16 No One's Here Glass Houses 11:49
17 Auklet Trio Side Step 3:15
18 death's dynamic shroud LIVING ROOM ECHO 4:32
19 Laika, The Astro-Hound Things I Wish I Didn't Know 4:24
20 Jonathan Rager 4.20.21 3:33
21 Donovan Hikaru Corporate Safari 2 2:34
22 Michael Potter Plastic Mind (2011) 2:40
23 shamane from kalamazoo to catamarans 2:16
24 Ormus Complete Memory 12:01
25 3D BLAST Little Less 3:36
26 Hermes' Athlete's Foot Hermes' Athlete's Foot 3:11
27 dj poodle emoji nancy 3:23
28 toad computers expl-resca-e-tar 4:29
29 The One and Only Matt Miller 65 stacked yesterdays 3:33
30 Spednar music 4 ailanthus 2 6:00
31 Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt ♥'s Pine Trees 4:30
32 CYBEREALITY In the Hall of the Hardcore King 6:59
33 Nature's Kid blue world 2:20
34 Ohm-N-I Never Ending Fantasy 3:05
35 Hypernormal Wraith Cloak 6:32
36 Chaz Allen THE SPARK SONG 1:48
37 ~hyacinth. ~lapis lazuli. 1:17
38 ImCoPav Fear and Regret 2:57
39 NYKDLN An Jellee 2:06
40 PZA KYOGRE 3:08
41 「サンセット Network❾❶」 endless nights 2:10
42 COSMIC CYCLER night on earth 10:00
43 TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL Luckiest Dreamers 2:07


Ailanthus Recordings is proud to bring to you the 'Ailanthus Recordings 10 Year Anniversary Compilation' <3

In the Summer of 2011 Ailanthus Recordiings started out as an imprint of the now-retired Robert Clemente Rookie Card Blog/Radio Show. Ailanthus began with a very clear mission statement: to release music and art, made by friends and friends of friends, that would not otherwise be released or collected elsewhere; a place for the placeless, if you will. This mission statement holds true to this day, now over decade later.

Over the past ten years, Ailanthus has had the privilege and pleasure to host collaboration between hundreds of artists, from across our planet to create, present and enjoy what unique vision each and every person has ever decided to contribute. From this simple bandcamp page, Ailanthus Artists, Contributors and Friends have generated Albums, Vinyl Records, Cassette Tapes, VHS Tapes, Books, Magazines, Films, Video Games, Board Games, Music Videos, Record Labels, Bands, Projects, Plays, Performances, Tours, Genres, Trends, Movements and most importantly, Friendships and Families.

Ten years is a long time, and that being considered, this compilation was an effort to bring as many past Ailanthus Recordings Contributors together as possible, for one big celebration of a decade of accomplishment and friendship. Many heeded the call and brought where they are at and what they're up to, to this compilation; others are not present, for one reason or another, but they are and always will be an integral piece of what has made Ailanthus Recordings what it is. With that, thanks go to the 10th Anniversary contributors and those who weren't able to make it. Love and blessing to each and every one of us and rest & peace to those who are no longer with us.

...and now a word in first person language...

Scott Michael here, I just wanna really say in plain language thank you to everyone who has been a part of this project over the past ten (or is it 13, or is it 17, years) I'll never have the words to express what these communities mean to me and the sense of purpose that it brings. You are the best and continue to impress me to this day, both in your talent and in accepting me as a part of it, it means so much to me. I also what to thank everyone who is purely a consumer of AIlanthus Recordings material, it's unreal to me still that we're putting stuff out there that is meaningful to folks and a part of their lives. I could just type thank you 10,000 times tbh, but that would be kind of obnoxious. Really though, Thank you for making this what it is and how far you expanded this simple idea...We're a whole thing now lol and it's just going to keep expanding as it has since the beginning. Keep up the great work, Keep showing Love and Keep Remembering. I Love You, I Love You, I Love You. ``` ` ```` <3 : )

*******If you're seeing this and somehow were missed or not asked to contribute a track, it's likely due to changing platforms or basic human error. If you aren't on this comp, released on Ailanthus in the past, and want to contribute, send an email to get your track added, I will keep it a living document in case you were missed. <3

ALSO ! ~ We've included the Roberto Clemente Rookie Card 2011 Compilation in your download as Bonus Tracks. It's not available on Bandcamp because it came out the Spring before AR opened. It'll download as a bonus when you download this. You'll notice some familiar names, we hope you enjoy!!


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