Datavision Community Calendar Update

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Datavision Community Calendar Update
(No cover)
ArtistDatavision Ltd.
Release Type EP
Label Self-published
Formats Digital File
(Free Download)
Release Date January 18, 2013
Tracks 3
Length 2:13
Status Offline
Datavision Ltd.

Datavision Community Calendar Update #2 is an album by the duo Datavision Ltd., announced on March 25th, 2011 and released in a very unfinished state nearly two years later. Only three tracks appear to have been made for the album, each less than a minute long. It features a similar (yet stripped-down) style to Vector Tables.


# Track Length
1 ok 00:37
2 hatred 00:36
3 standards 00:59


  • The outro sample of ok was remixed and included on Leonce's solo album P R A D A as LUXURIOUS.
  • hatred was released on August 10, 2011 under the name #FOLLOWLILTWIST.
  • The opening sample for standards was later extended and released on Digital Water as Melody Index. The rest of the track was heavily remixed as the track CDROM DUB on MODERN BUSINESS COLLECTION.

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