Dazzling Nights: A Tribute to Luxury Elite

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Dazzling Nights: A Tribute to Luxury Elite
ArtistVarious Artists
Release Type Album (Compilation)
Label Sunbeam Records
Catalog Number SR20
Bandcamp Album
Release Date August 4, 2018
Tracks 33 (32 + 1 bonus track)
Length 1:26:00
Tags electronic, expiremental, plunderphonics, vapor, vaportrap, vaporwave
Status Online

Dazzling Nights: A Tribute to Luxury Elite is a compilation published through Sunbeam Records and organized by the label's owners, opal東京 and Glaciology. It is the second and longest of the three tribute compilations released through the label. It notably has two tracks from luxury elite herself, one included as a bonus track and the other created under her (then anonymous) pseudonym television archives. These tracks would be her last for nearly two years, until the release of high society.


# Artist Track Length
1 opal東京 Luxury Elite - All Night (opal東京 Extended Remix) 1:33
2 NEKOSHOGUN Pinot Noir 2:57
3 AGNAR First Class 2:00
4 television archives wtva sign off 1:51
5 astro 💫 Glass Chandeliers 5:33
6 Boadbox 自動計装 Please Hold 2:56
7 invisible lover joy to be 6:41
8 b a k m a h n miss u lux 5:09
9 氷河 Bank Robbery 0:45
10 カジュアル Corp. ウルトラ lux
ultra lux
11 ll nøthing ll The Big City 1:41
12 ImCoPav Numb 1:30
13 wilson arcade glitter 2:27
14 llNDERlllll F A N T A S I Z E 2:46
15 monument XIII DualAudio import edition 2:08
16 Nico Flicker Cologne 1:57
17 ImCoPav Alive 1:27
18 montana. Frozen Dinner 3:29
19 🌴1am バイブBlunts nuStrain 2:19
20 ll nøthing ll In Your Arms 1:57
21 trashgh0st Joyride 2:36
22 Van Jack 500 Lux 1:49
23 96pontiac ANOTHER LOVER 1:36
24 ᴘₒʟʏɢʟᵒᴛ nitecall 5:32
25 Azuresands大麻 meritage 2:10
26 Chiba City Blues Rose Petals 2:06
27 economy elite wistful 2:48
28 [[stellar 성 적 인 날]] social hour 2:28
29 Ezlo Montblanc Extravagant Gestures 1:15
30 night blues midnight midnight midnight midnight 2:01
31 sheep ease 1:51
32 topaz gang heaven for architects 4:06
33 luxury elite molly 1:58


  • All Night (opal東京 Extended Remix) was originally released on the artist's compilation (re​)​Mixes Vol. 1, self-released the previous month.
  • joy to be was originally released on the artist's album nightview, released through DMT Tapes FL the previous month.
  • ウルトラ Lux was later released on the artist's album New Images, self-released the following year.
  • joyride was later slightly edited and included on the artist's album Spectral Lament, self-released the following year.
  • Extravagant Gestures was originally included as a bonus track on the artist's EP The Glamourous Life, self-released the previous month.
  • heaven for architects was later included as a bonus track on the cassette reissue of palm_tree.fm, released through Mind Sailor Records the following year.


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