Vector Tables

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Vector Tables
ArtistDatavision Ltd.
Release Type EP
Label Self-published
Bandcamp Album
Release Date January 16, 2011
Tracks 6
Length 15:03
Tags atlanta, funk, lo-fi, tape hiss, treblefunk, vaporwave
Status Online
Datavision Ltd.

Vector Tables is an EP by the duo Datavision Ltd.. It was released simultaneously alongside a full album music video, edited by member Leonce Nelson. It could be easily argued that it is the first vaporwave album released in 2011. The EP primarily features looped and stuttered samples from 80's American television broadcasts and R&B. The music video contains a few clips from CGI demo reels, screenshots of which later became track covers for MODERN BUSINESS COLLECTION. The album cover also comes from one of these demo reel clips (seen during Data 88/Stereovision).


# Track Length
1 Vector Tables 03:18
2 Radiodiffusion 02:01
3 Data 88/Stereovision (MV) 02:25
4 The New Soul 01:28
5 Funk Soul/Soulful Funk 03:22
6 So True 02:26


  • The first three tracks were created by Robin Burnett while the last three tracks were created by Leonce Nelson, leading to this album being promoted as a split rather than a collaboration (as the description reads).


24/7 smooth grooves presented in full stereo surround sound, just for you.

Datavision Ltd. is a collaboration between Will Burnett (Datavis) and Leonce Nelson.


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