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Release Type Album
Label Bedlam Tapes
Catalog Number BEDLAM_56
Bandcamp Album
Release Date March 20, 2021
December 13, 2021 (Bedlam Tapes)
Tracks 10
Length 33:48

electronic; ambient; dreampunk; end of music; eom; experimental; post-flap; punk; red filter techno; techno (HKE)

electronic; ambient; dreampunk; end of music; experimental; post-flap; punk; red filter; techno
Status Online
Previous Release Music Is Capital
Next Release Choonz

Punk is an album released by HKE. On December 13, 2021, the album was published through Bedlam Tapes.


# Track Length
1 Something Flash 4:39
2 Windowlickers 2:44
3 Proper Don't Care 3:22
4 Punk Dream 3:03
5 Service Worker [Skit] 1:07
6 Tied Up 4:14
7 Spiritual Technology 2:58
8 Internet Daze (ft. BROKEN_CANYON) 5:11
9 Hong Kong Schizophrenia Express 3:07
10 The Blood Of Our Ancestors Still Flows Around The World 3:23


  • Windowlickers was originally titled Retards. The name was later changed after request from Bandcamp.



Track 2 renamed because the twats at Bandcamp made me change it, despite the fact other artists use the same word in their titles. Fucking cunts. Find the real title online.

EOM: we have charted the entire globe of sonic and musical potential, we have visited every patch of land and named it, and now we're here terraforming it just because we always need something new to concern ourselves with, inspecting all the various grains of sand because every next generation has to make their mark. New statues will be erected. New coats of arms will be sketched. "This sounds like X meets Y", you may say, but why do you presume I would give a fuck about your mundane, geriatric assessment? Who actually cares about your careful knowledge of music history? Not me, mate, and nobody else anymore it seems. What happened to the music media? Journalism? rofl. I honestly don't care what you like or don't like about [insert something]. Stop treating music like it's still the nineties and we haven't already gone exponential. This album is fucking pointless. This is art. It comes and goes in a flash. A bolt of lightning that may or may not strike at something, and even it does then so what? We just do it. So, I keep saying these things in various ways but few seem to listen or take note. Some abstract and warped version of the 20th century formula perpetuates itself, even on this drop a bit. Can't fully detach. The general 'taste' in music is always antiquated by the nature of 'taste', anyway. The city is built inside the open jaws of a foul, rotten, smelly beast. And yet it gives us such beautiful, inspirational life. If liberal capitalism is so bad then how did I get such fresh looking Y-3's at half price? How did we get here? Anime shit, bruv. I never did care for 'punk rock', as in the stuff from the 70's and 80's and so on. That stuff begins and ends with the Sex Pistols for me - everything else is utter shite. Fucking southerners. Bloody yanks. That futuristic, vital edge 'punk' may have once had slipped off as fast as 'flap' did, it seems. My mum preferred soul music in that era, anyway. These things come and go really fast. Well, the attitude behind these things holds up as an idea, so here it is: Punk Music. Just because I'm a delusional retard with little restraint. Have you ever felt the horror of a cloudless afternoon sky? Ever read the book of Job? Ever spent a week watching the entire Adam Sandler back catalogue? The echo of an empty Coke Zero can kicked down a quiet lockdown street. The sound of monkeys screeching in heat. Life is absolutely divine and insane. An immense aesthetic if you have your perception off base from the general public. Let's not hesitate, then. Let's drive music into the fuckin ground. Let's take the piss. Let's have a laugh. Let's kowtow gracefully to the vision of Silicon Valley and produce as much data as possible for centralised web servers. A job's a job. Don't pretend you can't make a full album in one week. You can, you're just too lazy or too vain to do it. Go on - 52 albums a year. Get to work. Nothing that happened in the 20th century means a thing. Nothing that happened in the 2010's means shit either. Donald Who? How funny was that clip of Joe Biden falling up the stairs? The dreams of our parents spiral out into madness. We love music, this is why we do this. We evolve towards a greater beauty. In desperation to bring home the daily bread. We shalt put in the graft, even on Sundays. Can't stop, won't stop! Worship music. Holy music. In The Name Of God. The Algorithm,

Bedlam Tapes

unrelentingly based king shit

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