treat your self

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treat your self
Artistpublic spreads the news
Release Type EP
Label Illuminated Paths
Ailanthus Recordings
Catalog Number IP-001 (Illuminated Paths)
AR027 (Ailanthus Recordings)
Bandcamp Album
Release Date June 11, 2012
July 10, 2012 (Ailanthus Recordings)
Tracks 10
Length 17:10

experimental; ambient; beats; broken machine films; cassette; electronic; illuminated paths; lofi; loop; pop; porn; public spreads the news; vaporwave (Illuminated Paths)

punk; adhd jam; internet; living room visions; nuretro; public spreads the news; treat your self (Ailanthus Recordings)
Status Online
public spreads the news
Previous Release Lou Nutrient
Next Release The Trunk

treat your self is an EP by public spreads the news, and is the first release on the Illuminated Paths label, published on cassette. The album was later published through Ailanthus Recordings digitally.


TODO: Document cassette release
# Track Length
1 treat yourself (MV) 2:08
2 tarin quill t (MV) 2:09
3 that is used to what it be like (MV) 1:45
4 in 0:54
5 the public spreads the news (MV) 1:35
6 qualifications and qualities 1:41
7 standing 1:03
8 frolic romp ft. FAVRTSM 3:07
9 the russell 1:11
10 yah lounge 1:32

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