Split (Mensa Group International / luxury elite)

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ArtistMensa Group International / luxury elite
Release Type Album (Split)
Label Ailanthus Recordings
Catalog Number AR041
Bandcamp Album
(Free Download)
SoundCloud Album
Release Date November 12, 2012
Tracks 16
Length 25:11
Styles Late Night Lo-Fi

atlas of fictional islands; customer service; eccojam; hi-iq; luxury elite; mensa group international; punk; vaporwave; xerox fax machine's super heroes; internet (Ailanthus Recordings)

vaporwave (Mensa Group International)

soundtrack; babewave; escapism; late night lofi; smooth; vaporwave (luxury elite)
Status Online
Mensa Group International
Next Release Fjords, Vol. II
luxury elite
Previous Release II
Next Release III

Split (also known as Atlas of Fictional Islands and customer service by respective artists, additionally rendered as Split LP) is a split release between Mensa Group International and luxury elite.


Artist # Track Length
Mensa Group International
Atlas of Fictional Islands
1 Pokoponesia 2:02
2 Dinosaur Island 0:40
3 L'île aux Enfants 1:13
4 The Island 0:23
5 Southern Mauristemo Islands 1:28
6 Shadow Moses 1:40
7 New Penzance Island 1:31
8 R'lyeh 2:35
luxury elite
customer service
9 thank you for holding 1:23
10 please stay on the line 0:40
11 your call is very important to us 1:28
12 all of our representatives are currently assisting other customers 2:25
13 your call will be answered shortly 1:21
14 this call may be monitored and/or recorded 1:14
15 one moment please 3:20
16 thank you for calling 1:37


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