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Artistluxury elite
Release Type Album
Label Ailanthus Recordings
Catalog Number AR043
Bandcamp Album
(Paid Download)
Release Date December 5, 2012
Tracks 15
Length 21:50
Styles Late Night Lo-Fi

soundtrack; babewave; escapism; late night lofi; smooth; vaporwave (luxury elite)

punk; doswave; eccojam; iii; internet; living room visions; luxury elite; luxury elite iii; vaporwave; webwave; xerox (Ailanthus Recordings)
Status Online
luxury elite
Previous Release Split (Mensa Group International / luxury elite)
Next Release I&II

III is an album by luxury elite. It's the third and final album in a series of numeral-based releases following her first vaporwave works (I and II).


# Track Length
1 lost in translation 1:18
2 into the great unknown 1:20
3 flight (MV) 1:03
4 check it out 1:13
5 the seeker 0:56
6 carousel 1:57
7 reflections 1:39
8 brittany 0:56
9 soft touch 1:04
10 kishi 1:30
11 citrus city 1:18
12 west coast dreams 1:23
13 us 1:49
14 last moments of life 1:34
15 sweet dreams 2:42

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