Corporate Mixtape

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Corporate Mixtape
Artist猫 シ Corp. & Donovan Hikaru
Release Type Album (Split)
Label Ailanthus Recordings
Catalog Number AR094
Bandcamp Album
Release Date October 18, 2014 (Ailanthus Recordings)
April 11, 2015 (Re-release)
Tracks 24 (11 + 13 bonus tracks)
Length 50:09

electronic; mallsoft; officewave; plunderphonics; post-internet; sound collage; vaporwave (猫 シ Corp.)

electronic; officewave; smooth jazz (Donovan Hikaru)

punk; autojazz; corporate; internet; officewave; stock music; vaporwave (Ailanthus Recordings)
Status Online
猫 シ Corp.
Previous Release Palm Mall
Next Release School Days
Donovan Hikaru
Previous Release Free Market Foreplay
Next Release Business Travel Bonanza

Corporate Mixtape is a split album by 猫 シ Corp. and Donovan Hikaru, published through Ailanthus Recordings. In 2015, the album was expanded and re-released on cassette through 猫 シ Corp.'s Bandcamp.


# Tape Artist Track Length
1 A1 猫 シ Corp. & Donovan Hikaru Donovan Listens to 猫 シ Corp. 0:33
2 A2 Donovan Hikaru Kevin Caraway Investment Model 1:50
3 A3 猫 シ Corp. Auto van de Zaak
Company Car
4 A4 Donovan Hikaru & 猫 シ Corp. Outdoor Seminar 1:34
5 A5 猫 シ Corp. International Marketing Strategies 1:20
6 A6 Donovan Hikaru Inspire 2:27
7 A7 猫 シ Corp. The Destiny of our Corporation 0:45
8 A8 Donovan Hikaru Between the Spreadsheets 3:29
9 A9 猫 シ Corp. 割引 Internet Shopping
Discount Internet Shopping
10 A10 Donovan Hikaru The Trusted Brand Philosophy 2:10
11 A11 猫 シ Corp. & Donovan Hikaru Corporate Power Grid 3:43
12 A12 Donovan Hikaru Business Innovation 0:59
13 A13 猫 シ Corp. Outlook Pyramids.docx 1:41
14 B1 Donovan Hikaru New Tech Beginnings 3:14
15 B2 猫 シ Corp. दुनिया को जीत
Conquer the World
16 B3 Donovan Hikaru Trust LLC 3:04
17 B4 HR Maze 3:00
18 B5 猫 シ Corp. 私が持っていた場合 ¥
If I Had ¥
19 B6 Donovan Hikaru Financial Boogie 2:24
20 B7 猫 シ Corp. 欧亚成功
Eurasian Success
21 B8 ตั๋วไปสู่ความสำเร็จ
Ticket to Success
22 B9 Donovan Hikaru Red Rose Inc Answering Service 1:54
23 B10 猫 シ Corp. 금요일 오후
Friday Afternoon
24 B11 猫 シ Corp. & Donovan Hikaru Payday 2:38


The Internet has become a power like no other

The tides of technology and teamwork have turned

Experience business productivity
and corporate excellence
via .mp3, .wav or .flac

A New Era. A New Vision.
...and a new Corporate Protocol


'Corporate Mixtape'

by 猫 シ Corp. and Donovan Hikaru

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