Faith in Persona

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Faith in Persona
Artistdeath's dynamic shroud.wmv
Release Type Album
Label Ghost Diamond
Catalog Number GDR024
Bandcamp Album
SoundCloud Set
Release Date November 1, 2021
Tracks 9
Length 40:02
Tags experimental; internet; nuwrld; plunderphonics; vaporwave; videogame
Status Online
death's dynamic shroud.wmv
Previous Release Monument To The Architect
Next Release A Quiet Rest

Faith in Persona is an album by death's dynamic shroud.wmv, being the November release of an ongoing series of monthly releases as part of the NUWRLD Mixtape Club. Faith in Persona is the first album by death's dynamic shroud to be solo-produced by Keith Rankin. The album gained a notable amount of attention by fans and other listeners (including review Anthony Fantano), leading the album to be publicly published on Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube.


# Track Length
1 Tear in Abyss 7:05
2 See Me 4:33
3 Faith in Persona 4:04
4 Pop Chin 3:00
5 Someone in the Room 3:42
6 Just to Be Needed 6:12
7 Last Moments of the Memory 5:50
8 (...) 1:15
9 RIP 4:17


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