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Additional Credits Nina Matsumoto (Artwork)
Djinn XVII (Concepts)
Release Type Album
Label Dream Catalogue (Removed)
Geometric Lullaby
Catalog Number DREAM_23X
GEO - SP09
Release Date December 29, 2016 (Dream Catalogue)
July 3, 2020 (Geometric Lullaby)
Tracks 26
Length 52:44

electronic; jrpg; avant-garde; experimental; glitch; glitch hop; lofi; rpg; vaporwave; vhs; wonky (R23X)

electronic; dark ambient; experimental; glitch; hypnagogic; jrpg; lofi; post-vaporwave; rpg; vaporwave; vhs (Geometric Lullaby)
Status Online
Previous Release RE-GEN
Next Release EarthCade

VELTAHL is an album released by R23X. The album was first published by Dream Catalogue, but was then removed and republished through Geometric Lullaby.


# Vinyl Track Length
1 A1 INSERT DISC 01 1:17
2 A2 Cryo-Amnesia 1:25
3 A3 You can't go this way right now 3:31
4 A4 Project VELTAHL 1:25
5 A5 Something, moved 1:30
6 A6 Low HP 1:21
7 A7 Mountain Path 1:26
8 A8 New Wares New Heirs (Ft. Devora Shavinski) 3:05
9 A9 Facility 2:33
10 B1 MYSTIC 2:35
11 B2 Vehicle 2:07
12 B3 BCE 1:23
13 B4 Auto-Recover 1:50
14 B5 Critical 1:32
15 B6 Ancient Forest Tavern 1:06
16 B7 AP 1:23
17 B8 Evil Ey (ft. VAPERROR) 1:27
18 B9 Hyuga (Scratched Disc) 2:32
19 B10 AUTO-SAVE-New Wares (Scratched Disc) 2:39
20 B11 End (Please Clean Disc) 0:37
21 B12 New Airs (Arthur Boring Remix) 2:40
22 N/A New Heirs New Wares New Game Plus (Dan Mason Remix) 3:46
23 Project VELTAHL (death's dynamic shroud remix) 2:15
24 Low HP (Equip Re-Skin) 1:52
25 You Can't Go This Way Right Now (Dessai Remix) 2:47
26 Nu Wears (R23X ReMake) 2:40


"A distant, desolate future holds the key to a mysterious past..........

New Wares are the new heirs — and yet, they too have been lost. The only organic humans left are isolated, amnesiac warriors — awoken at random from their thousand-year sleep — carrying nothing but a glaive and a survival energy pack. Recovered from pods scattered across the wastes, mired in the vestiges of an ancient, hopeless war. Small settlements and nomadic round are all that remain on this hostile planet.

A bildungsroman for a forgotten soul. An immortal’s tale unknown — reborn only to accept an ancient defeat and to face a hopeless future. Project VELTAHL has failed."


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