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Artistdeath's dynamic shroud.wmv
Release Type Album
Label Ghost Diamond
Catalog Number GDR031
Bandcamp Album
Release Date June 1, 2022
Tracks 11
Length 42:48
Tags experimental; internet; nuwrld; plunderphonics; vaporwave; videogame
Status Online
death's dynamic shroud.wmv
Previous Release Transcendence Bot
Next Release Darklife

DREAMガーデン (DREAM GARDEN) is an album by death's dynamic shroud.wmv, published through the artist's "NUWRLD Mixtape Club" membership, and received a cassette release through the membership system. The album consists of repurposed tracks from an unreleased Winter Sleep album, and uses similar themes and aesthetics from Dreams and Return To Dream City.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Logo Motion 3D 1:56
2 A2 Hypnagogia 5:15
3 A3 In Dreams 5:28
4 A4 New Garden 4:21
5 A5 Big Snow 5:12
6 B1 Panic For Pleasure 4:07
7 B2 Haunted Dream 4:27
8 B3 Heart With The Wind II 4:08
9 B4 End Cinematic 1:10
10 B5 Alarm Clock 4:13
11 B6 Sunrise 2:25

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