death's dynamic shroud

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death's dynamic shroud
Name James Webster, Tech Honors and Keith Rankin
Location United States
Years Active 2014 - Present

death's dynamic shroud (alternatively death's dynamic shroud.wmv) is a collaborative project between James Webster (also known as HCMJ), Tech Honors and Keith Rankin (known to create music as Giant Claw and operate Orange Milk Records). death's dynamic shroud typically samples video game soundtracks in a mixtape-style format, oftentimes with special distortions and modifications made as a result of being bounced off analog recordings. In 2015, with the creation of I'll Try Living Like This, Keith Rankin's addition to the group brought a much more high-fidelity, experimental sound (including sampling of anime soundtracks and k-pop) to the music, a shift that has helped the group form their distinct sound and visual aesthetic they personally refer to as "NUWRLD". Around the time of Heavy Black Heart, the group decided to use a variation of the death's dynamic shroud name without the file extension, now used to denote the newer, less "classical" albums from the previous mixtapes.


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