Diamond Series 003

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Diamond Series 003
Diamond Series 003.png
Artistdeath's dynamic shroud.wmv / Peach & Plum
Release Type Single (Split)
Label Ghost Diamond
Bandcamp Album
Release Date March 31, 2015
Tracks 2
Length 12:13
Tags corporate culture; electroclash; morning excitement; nuwrld; positive vibes; vaporwave
Status Online
death's dynamic shroud.wmv
Previous Release Diamond Series 001
Next Release I'll Try Living Like This

Diamond Series 003 is a split single by death's dynamic shroud and Peach & Plum, a project by DDS member Tech Honors.


# Artist Track Length
1 death's dynamic shroud.wmv Business Class (MV) 7:50
2 Peach & Plum Dimensional Lettering 4:23


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