Dreams (Winter Sleep)

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ArtistWinter Sleep
Release Type Album
Label Pause
Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number II76 (Pause)
DREAM_121 (Dream Catalogue)
Bandcamp Album
Release Date December 9, 2012
March 9, 2016 (Cassette)
Tracks 10
Length 42:34

christmas; electronic; nuwrld; sega saturn; bells; synthesizer; vaporwave; video game; video game music; winter (Winter Sleep)

electronic; ambient; dreampunk; experimental (Dream Catalogue)
Status Online
Winter Sleep
Next Release Return To Dream City

Dreams is an album by Winter Sleep, originally published through the chiptune and video game inspired label Pause (stylized as II). In 2016, the album was published on cassette through Dream Catalogue.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Winter Sleep -Logo- 0:14
2 A2 Night In Dream City 4:03
3 A3 Small Dream 6:20
4 A4 Ice Cream Mountains 3:38
5 A5 The Possibility 4:39
6 B1 Forest Fountains 6:17
7 B2 We're Sleeping 2:45
8 B3 Dread Nightmare 4:30
9 B4 Twilit Dawn 4:55
10 B5 Continue The Dream 5:07


As the glowing haze of the 1990's fades further into obscurity, some nights we can still feel ourselves being pulled back into the arms of innocence. Soaring between the towers of the Dream City skyline, like some sort of 32-bit Peter Pan, we relive the dreams of youth before the dawn once again calls us back home.


TODO: Physical media scans.

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