101.7 WAVE

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101.7 WAVE
Artistluxury elite
Additional Credits Finley Sinclaire (Cassette Design)
Release Type Album
Label マインドCTRL
Shatterfoil Industries
Catalog Number CTRL10 (マインドCTRL)
SHFCS-46∫ (Shatterfoil Industries)
SoundCloud Mix (Undownloadable)
Digital File (Free Download)
Release Date October 18, 2012
October 28, 2012 (Tumblr)
September 27, 2022 (Cassette)
Tracks 11
Length 15:38
Styles Late Night Lo-Fi
Tags luxury elite; vaporwave
Status Online
luxury elite
Next Release I
"101.7 WAVE" Series
Next Release 101.7 WAVE II

101.7 WAVE is a DJ mix by luxury elite. It was released through マインドCTRL as a single mix, but was later released with separated tracks through luxury elite's Tumblr blog. In 2014, a continuation of the mix was released as another album, titled 101.7 WAVE II.

In 2022, the release was published on cassette through Shatterfoil Industries, included as a bundle with the cassette release of 101.7 WAVE II. The digital release was also included as a bonus download with the upload of 101.7 WAVE II.


luxury elite

# Track Length
1 skyline sunrise 1:27
2 night tracks 1:16
3 seven day outlook 1:24
4 summer breeze 1:23
5 panasonic youth 1:35
6 desert heat 1:16
7 good to you 1:41
8 silhouette in the alleyway 1:53
9 hawaii sound machine 1:08
10 swimsuit issue 1:01
11 the end 1:30


# Track Length
1 101.7 Wave 15:38

Description (Tumblr)

shoutouts to:
bittertv for digging my music enough to ask me to participate in his fantastic project
my wonderful friends who encouraged me to start luxury elite, i love you
the internet
90s nostalgia
the weather channel
all of you who liked this enough to download it, you all are fantastic


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