Displaced in space—time

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Displaced in space—time
Displaced in space—time cover.png
ArtistVarious Artists
Release Type Album (Compilation)
Label Adhesive Sounds
Catalog Number AS1868681620
Bandcamp Album
Release Date August 31, 2021
Tracks 17
Length 1:06:34
Tags funk; fusion; hypnogogic pop; late nite; mallsoft; nu-jazz; post-vaporwave; r n b; sophistipop; vaporwave
Status Online

Displaced in space—time is a compilation released and published for cassette by Adhesive Sounds


# Tape Artist Track Length
1 A1 Digital Sex Beyond the VR Lobby 3:57
A2 Treatment Say What You Must 4:00
A3 Mannerisms Yurt 8:01
A4 Kaleeya Sunless 3:50
A5 Demonstration Synthesis What Hasn't Been Done 3:16
A6 Waterfront Dining Blue Jeans (Do It) 3:49
A7 Manchac Networks Cul de Sac 3:42
A8 Kaleeya Under 4:31
2 B1 Faint Waves The Last Rose 5:08
B2 luxury elite Spring Constellations 2:37
B3 Toyohirakumin Melsa 1:42
B4 Toyohirakumin Melsa 2 2:19
B5 Sam & Sara Lei 5:04
B6 Kelmanix Minami-Senju 3:56
B7 Gyoza District Tomorrow 4:36
B8 SoftClaw Troubles 3:04
B9 Cadonna Lynn 1987 3:02


cultural allusions of a retro future volume one


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