Stay Passionate, Be Discreet

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Stay Passionate, Be Discreet
ArtistLipstick Elite
Additional Credits Keith Rankin (Art Design)
Release Type Album (Collaboration)
Label Stratford Ct.
Sunup Recordings
My Pet Flamingo
Catalog Number SR096 (Sunup Recordings)
MPF040 (My Pet Flamingo)
Bandcamp Album
(Free Download)
Release Date September 16, 2014
June 21, 2019 (Repress)
Tracks 8
Length 23:31

experimental; chillwave; dance; dream pop; electronic; hypnagogic pop; indie; new wave; vaporwave (Skeleton Lipstick)

post-babewave; stratford ct.; synthwave; vaporwave (Stratford Ct.)

pop; cassette; hypnagogic pop; post-babewave; tape; vaporwave (Sunup Recordings)

electronic; future funk; post-vaporwave; synthwave; vaporwave (My Pet Flamingo)
Status Online
Lipstick Elite

Stay Passionate, Be Discreet (also known as Stay Passionate, But Be Discreet) is an album by Lipstick Elite, the collaborative project of luxury elite and Skeleton Lipstick. The album was referred to as "reconstructed Luxury Elite tracks" by luxury elite herself. It was published through Stratford Ct. digitally and Sunup Recordings on cassette. In 2019, it received a repress on cassette, minidisc, and vinyl through My Pet Flamingo.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Feels Like Life 2:53
2 A2 I Will Satisfy 2:30
3 A3 Stay Passionate, Be Discreet (MV) 3:16
4 A4 Shy Lover 3:06
5 B1 The Pleasure 2:32
6 B2 Holiday 2:42
7 B3 Dangerous Love 4:00
8 B4 Dangerous Love II 2:28


  • Considering the context of the title track Stay Passionate, Be Discreet, the "discreet" spelling would be considered correct. Despite this, multiple sources, including the J-card design, luxury elite, Skeleton Lipstick, and My Pet Flamingo use the "discrete" spelling, with some sources using both spellings.
    • The J-card artwork for the original release lists the track Stay Passionate, Be Discreet as Be Passionate, Be Discreet.
  • Feels Like Life is a remix of luxury elite's dream diary, featured on sincerely.
  • I Will Satisfy is a remix of luxury elite's dawn from the album fantasy.
  • Stay Passionate, Be Discreet is a remix of luxury elite's balearic from the album fantasy.
  • Shy Lover is a remix of luxury elite's illuminate, featured on sincerely.
  • The Pleasure is a remix of luxury elite's mustang from the album with love.
  • Holiday is a remix of luxury elite's phoebe, featured on sincerely.
  • Dangerous Love II is a remix of luxury elite's crown victoria, featured on sincerely.


"Lipstick Elite" is the collaboration between hypnagogic pop synthesist SKELETON LIPSTICK and Vaporwave phenom LUXURY ELITE. Let them take you on a seductive walkabout through the deepest chasms of desire filtered through the analog lens of lo-fi grit. Lipstick Elite is a sultry nyquil induced dream of old mix tapes made for lovers whose names you've long since forgotten. Enjoy the journey, and remember to stay passionate but always be discreet.


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