We're Worried About You

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We're Worried About You
We're Worried About You-cover.jpg
Release Type Album
Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number DREAM_125
Bandcamp Album
Release Date April 7, 2016 (Dream Catalogue)
June 13, 2018 (COCAINEJESUS)
Tracks 16
Length 52:44

experimental; vaporwave (COCAINEJESUS)

electronic; culture form; dream; dream music; dreampunk; experimental; experimental electronic; hardemotion; i like cute girls; trap; witch (Dream Catalogue)
Status Online
Previous Release Negative
Next Release Pain of Gods

We're Worried About You is an album released by COCAINEJESUS, published physically through Dream Catalogue. It was removed from the label following a purge of mostly sample-based content. On June 13, 2018, the album was released on COCAINEJESUS' Bandcamp.


TODO: Cassette tracklist
# Track Length
1 Half Alive (Intro) 1:16
2 You Don't Forget Girls With Grey Eyes (MV) 4:04
3 Cuffed Jeans With Ripped Knees 2:24
4 Ascension Friends (MV) 4:34
5 Crush (MV) 3:03
6 We're Worried About You 3:44
7 Emulate Love 3:58
8 Death Is A Thing Of The Past 4:52
9 Flesh (ft. HKE) (MV) 3:41
10 Do You Wanna Split These Fries With Me 2:46
11 No Summer For You (ft. CVLTVRE) (MV) 3:54
12 No Direction In Particular (MV) 2:16
13 Lonesome 3:17
14 Slime Princess 3:16
15 Lil Camp Counselor 2:17
16 I Can't Bother You If I'm Crucified (MV) 3:22


  • You Don't Forget Girls With Grey Eyes is stylized as You Dont Forget Girls With Grey Eyes on SoundCloud.
    • You Don't Forget Girls With Grey Eyes is stylized as You dont forget girls with grey eyes on YouTube.
  • No Direction In Particular is stylized as no direction in particular on SoundCloud.
  • Flesh is stylized as FLESH on SoundCloud and YouTube.
  • Cuffed Jeans With Ripped Knees is titled cuffed jeans, ripped knees on SoundCloud.



We're Worried About you.

Dream Catalogue

What can be said about COCAINEJESUS that has not already been said? Well, quite a lot… Despite winning plaudits from many reputable figures and having some widely loved songs and albums to his name already, COCAINEJESUS has yet to release any of his music on a record label or via any physical medium. This changes now, with his debut album for Dream Catalogue ‘We’re Worried About You’ which will be coming out on both cassette and CD, and is one of our biggest and most exciting signings in a long time.

Despite his young age, COCAINEJESUS is a pure prodigy in the sense that he has crafted his own brand unique to him, not succumbing to passing trends like many do, but instead laying out his own vision and going with it in a cool fashion. Slight influences from witch house, cloud rap and general electronic music of the modern day are there – but this new album, ‘We’re Worried About You’, is heart-wrenching and emotional without falling back on tricks or cliches. It is pure hard emotion music that just hits the spot, and through it, Coco’s unique brand of millennial insanity shines through, painting a picture of modern teenage dreams in a world that is increasingly heading over the edge.

With track titles like “Cuffed Jeans With Ripped Knees”, “Do You Wanna Split These Fries With Me” and “No Direction In Particular”, it’s almost as if nothing much matters in the world of Coco, but when these sawtooth synths and timeless squarewave melodies puncture your heart, your own memories of youth come flooding back in a legitimate way that not many musicians can replicate. This is a pure talent that comes from the persona that lays behind COCAINEJESUS, and we expect ‘We’re Worried About You’ will be just the first step towards eventual greatness. This one is massive.


TODO: Add physical media images.

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