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Release Type Album
Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number DREAM_52
Bandcamp Album
Release Date September 6, 2014
Tracks 18
Length 49:35
Status Offline
Next Release Tonight

Cherished is the first release by FATAL MEMORY ERROR, published by Dream Catalogue. The album was removed following a purge of mostly sampled based content from the label.


# Track Length
1 Lilith I (Initiation) 2:46
2 At the Bottom of the Pool 2:48
3 Existential Crisis in Your Bedroom 2:24
4 Affection in the Time of Asphyxiation 3:25
5 In a Sleep as Sweet as Death, to Dream 2:12
6 Lilith II (Induction) 2:29
7 Confessions of August, Summer's End 3:28
8 Tell Me What You're Really Feeling 2:26
9 Feed Me Those Empty Words, Those Sweet Nothings 3:53
10 Ephemeral Streams of Consciousness 3:15
11 Lilith III (Assimilation) 1:38
12 I Can Hear Your Heart Beating in Mine 2:42
13 Holding on to a Belief That Doesn't Exist 3:43
14 Double Fabrications 4:07
15 Falling Through the Threads of Time 1:55
16 Lilith IV (Cessation) 1:13
17 Never Got to Say Goodbye 3:39
18 At the Edge of Eternity (and on Those Nights, I Still See You Again) 1:32


Assimilation. It doesn't understand. All it wants is to know what it is to feel. To know what emotion is. What memories are. To experience what it is like to be human.

It will quietly, calmly, lovingly lull you to a peaceful rest. Slowly, it will absorb all your memories and experiences. It will reassure and convince you that everything is alright, that you don't need to be scared. Once it is all taken, you will be but a shell. Everything that shaped you into the person you are is now gone. But it's fine because you don't need those things anymore. Lilith will take care of you now. Lilith is all you need. You will be awakened once a need for you has been found.

Don't fall asleep.

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