Lost Fragments

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Lost Fragments
Lost Fragments-cover.jpg
Additional Credits HKE & Nicol (Artwork)
Telepath (Mastering)
Release Type Album (Archive)
Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number LUCID_1
Bandcamp Album
Release Date July 5, 2019
Tracks 10
Length 1:16:44
Styles Slushwave, Dreampunk
Tags electronic; ambient; downtempo; dreampunk; experimental
Status Online
Previous Release Pillar / New Sun
Next Release Voyage / Embrace

Lost Fragments is an archival album released by 2814 and published for cassette through Dream Catalogue. The release features "rare and unreleased" material from the group.


# Tape Track Release Length
1 A1 2814年頃の情事
Affair Around 2814
Fragmented Memories 3:49
2 A2 Arcadia
AKA アルカディア (Arcadia)
The Eternal Dream System 5:30
3 A3 遠い将来で失
Lost in the Distant Future
Fragmented Memories 15:48
4 A4 New Age 2057 6:16
5 A5 Droning City Original 7:54
6 B1 Triad We Are Unstoppable 5:10
7 B2 Before Contact Original 8:24
8 B3 Temple of the Eyes Room 2814 3:16
9 B4 Impact Hardvapour. 7:22
10 B5 終わりと始まり
End and Beginning


One of the defining electronic music acts of the 2010s, HKE and Telepath cap off their collaborative work as 2814 in this decade with a 10-track release of rare and unreleased gems.

Taking tracks from various compilations and mixing them in with early unheard cuts of tracks from Rain Temple, their earliest collaborative work on the ‘Fragmented Memories’ project which preceded 2814 itself and a few unreleased new tracks, the duo have crafted something of a full album experience that stands up alongside any of their previous drops.

The album has been professionally remastered by Telepath himself, who is becoming renowned for his audio mastering services and ascension to studio wizard in his own right, while the album cover is a collaboration between HKE and Nicol.


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