Contemplation Of Reality, In Forest Rain

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Contemplation Of Reality, In Forest Rain
Additional Credits Sofia Russo (Composer)
Release Type Album
Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number coo_RAIN
Bandcamp Album
Release Date December 1, 2020
Length 42:16
Tags electronic; ambient; dreampunk; drone; experimental; rain
Status Online
Previous Release Cultivation Of The Flesh

Contemplation Of Reality, In Forest Rain is a release by チェスマスター, published by Dream Catalogue. Strikingly, the release credits Russo's daughter Sofia as a composer.


# Tape Track Length
1 A/B1 Contemplation Of Reality, In Forest Rain 42:16


As animals, who exist in reality, of sensory experience which is constantly impressed upon by reality, we have no authentic escape from the cacophony of everyday life. Whether that be the field of noise that the city generates, the rhythmic swells of the ocean, the electrical hum of technology, the crowds of insects and birds chattering or the pattering of rain against the earth, when awake we are subject to any of this at all times. To relax, we submit to the nature of reality as is. Rain, in this sense, is one of the most beautiful forms of phenomenal experience, offering womb-like comfort in its totality of sound immersion. Escape, if desired, is found less in the static of our own mind, but by being here right now, in the moment, in the calm of noise in the physical world, however it may come about for us. Here is a simulation of a moment, in the forest rain, where one can pause from whatever is going on - just stop - and contemplate reality for a while.

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