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Release Type Album
Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number DREAM_119
Bandcamp Album
Release Date January 7, 2016
Tracks 14
Length 47:40
Tags electronic; dream; dream music; dreampunk; experimental; experimental electronic; hardvapour; house; techno
Status Offline
Previous Release Night Visions
Next Release Evolution

Breathless is an album released by Immune, published for cassette through Dream Catalogue. The album was removed from the label following a purge of mostly sample-based content


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Artists Of The Floating World 1:41
2 A2 Murmur Of A Heart (ft. HKE) :22
3 A3 Digital Rivers 5:11
4 A4 Crestfallen 1:00
5 A5 Las Vegas 3:14
6 A6 You Took My Hand 1:37
7 A7 False Concourse 3:48
8 B1 Again And Again 1:05
9 B2 New Years Eve 3:16
10 B3 Arcade Fantasy 3:01
11 B4 Wandering Endlessly 2:17
12 B5 Breathless 4:13
13 B6 Girls Night 2:15
14 B7 Hanging Moon 4:40


A mostly anonymous and reserved figure overall, Immune dropped his cult-revered debut album ‘Night Visions’ with us in late 2014, and after a mostly quiet year in the shadows returns back with his sophomore follow up ‘Breathless’.

As mentioned in a recent interview with Oscob, Immune worked on this album throughout 2015, taking his laptop out around the city of London and working on his album in parks, bars and coffee shops with just a pair of headphones and a copy of Reason 5. And the sound of an animated metropolis bustling with life as he looked on dreaming throughout that year, is exactly the sonic picture that this album paints.

‘Breathless’ takes the ideas from ‘Night Visions’ and returns to them with better focus and a more refined artistic outlook. It’s darker and at times more jarring album which tells a subtle story, but the album flows like an immense dream from beginning to end, putting the audience directly in Immune’s world for its duration. It’s Immune’s signature style of dub techno meets shoegaze ambience and a perfect way for us to kick off 2016.


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