Brasil World Cup 2034

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Brasil World Cup 2034
Brasil World Cup 2034-cover.png
Release Type Album
Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number DREAM_129
Bandcamp Album
Release Date June 17, 2016
October 15, 2016 (wosX)
Tracks 9
Length 39:35

jazz; hardvapour; klezmer (wosX)

electronic; ambient; dreampunk; experimental; futebol; hardvapour; humidvapour; world cup
Status Online
Previous Release Pain of Gods
Next Release Bangerz Vol. I

Brasil World Cup 2034 is an album released by wosX, published for cassette through Dream Catalogue.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Golazo 4:22
2 A2 Um Jogo 4:55
3 A3 Casa de Deus 5:06
4 A4 Tangibilidade 5:24
5 A5 Invasion of the Venezuelans (ft. Putaliscious) 2:58
6 B1 Heatwave 4:38
7 B2 Favela (ft. HKE) 4:09
8 B3 Dança dos Diabos 4:01
9 B4 Chuva 4:02


Obviously a sequel to End of World Rave, Brasil World Cup was definitely my branch in a completely opposite direction musically as well as geographically. The main thing I wanted to capture was the heat. Utilizing that heavy reverb with the slow drawn out samba beats was what did it for me. Furthermore, I wanted something a little be more open ended and less cynical than my last album, while still addressing those "dystopian" concepts. That spirit and love for the sport in Brazil is definitely captivating and making the album centered around this seemed absolutely fitting. It's something that no matter what kind of class struggle or ideological battles exist, the game brings it all together for one simple goal, to have fun.


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