Sleep Tsunami

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Sleep Tsunami
Sleep Tsunami-cover.png
ArtistBuried Angel
Release Type Album
Label Vault XYO
Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number XYO-001
Bandcamp Album
Release Date November 12, 2016
October 18, 2017
Tracks 9
Length 26:26

world; vault audio (Vault XYO)

electronic; ambient; dreampunk; experimental (Dream Catalogue)
Status Online
Buried Angel

Sleep Tsunami is an album released by Buried Angel and published through Vault XYO. In October of 2017, the album was published through Dream Catalogue.


# Track Length
1 A City With No Name 3:42
2 Masked Dance 2:34
3 Water Ritual 2:02
4 Crying Angel 5:05
5 Children Of Gold 2:24
6 Prophecy Tablet 1:08
7 Tsunami Dance 4:34
8 She Sits Cross-Legged Beyond The Ocean In Divine Sleep 2:28
9 Residual Catacombs 2:29



First of twelve discoveries in Vault XYO. This was the easiest to crack, perhaps because it is the oldest of all the findings in here. Like everything else in this vault, the codex for this finding was carved into gold bars. We analysed and discovered this finding, reformatted for public digestion.

There are links here to a lost city. No name for the city. Perhaps destroyed in the great flood. No link with Atlantis or the Atlantis Company alluded to in Vault EVE by Ancient Sandtimer. Does this vault predate EVE? Not sure, it seems to exist independently of the other vaults in many ways, however.

Currently no information on who Buried Angel is. We will continue analysing the rest of the vault.

The Team remain calm. There is a certain serenity and beauty inside this vault that was missing from TKX and EVE. Perhaps it's just a placebo effect of all the gold here.

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