DREAM Forever

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DREAM Forever
DREAM Forever-cover.jpg
ArtistHong Kong Express
Release Type Mix
Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number DREAM MIX 3
Formats Mixcloud Song
Release Date August 30, 2014
Tracks 1 (49)
Length 1:55:30
Tags dream_mix_3; vaporwave; megamix; mix; dream
Status Online
Hong Kong Express
Previous Release Cosmic Dreams - a tribute to t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
Next Release Hong Kong Express

DREAM Forever is a mix released by Hong Kong Express, published through Dream Catalogue.


TODO: Find the rest of the tracklist (49 Tracks)
# Track Length
1 DREAM Forever 1:55:30


A look back at the first 49 dreams with a single song from each album, in celebration of milestone release DREAM_50, out this Monday, September 1st.

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