I Am Here, In Love............ (Exist... Exist.... Exist!!!)

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I Am Here, In Love............ (Exist... Exist.... Exist!!!)
I Am Here In Love Exist Exist Exist-cover.png
ArtistHong Kong Express
Release Type Album
Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number coo1
Bandcamp Album
Release Date April 9, 2020
Tracks 8
Length 21:35
Tags electronic; ambient; dreampunk; experimental; flap; hyperdream; post-flap
Status Online
Hong Kong Express
Previous Release Hong Kong Express
Next Release Headchain 2051 / Return of Rain

I Am Here, In Love​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​. (Exist​.​.​. Exist​.​.​.​. Exist​!​!​!​) is an album released by Hong Kong Express and published through Dream Catalogue.


# Track Length
1 Abstract Mystery Is Existence Manifold, Art Data Is The Real, The One Observation, The Whole, The Process, The Original, The Hyperdream State Understanding....... (Introduction To Context) 2:20
2 Existing Aesthetic Of Photon Perspiration Of Mythological Chaos Beauty Anxiety Trigger (The Evolution Of Life, As Such. The Essence, That Is...) 3:51
3 Basic Chord Definition, Basic Exploration, Basic Human Knowledge Advancement. Simple As. Development, Repetition, Memory, Dream, Art. The Essence. 1:17
4 Hong Kong Humid Night Fucking 3:34
5 Poop 0:20
6 The Time-Data Knowledge, Ariseth, The Sun. This Time, That Is, The First Time, Will Not Be As The Last Time Was, For It Is The Only Time, As It Is "Is" 4:49
7 Mystery Chopin Quantum X Return Money Pixel Distortion Time Essence 7 in 12 Type Beat 4 All De Lucid 'eadz In De Wuurrld 2:17
8 Time-Data. The Stars. The Essence. Love. Abstract Beauty. Desire. Ariseth, As The Sun. 3:07


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