Vaporwave Is Dead

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Vaporwave Is Dead
Release Type Album
Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number DREAM_0
Bandcamp Album (Paid Download)
Release Date December 9, 2015
Tracks 16
Length 37:55

electronic, dream, dream music, dreampunk, experimental, experimental electronic, hardvapour, London (2016)

electronic, ambient, dreampunk, experimental, sandvapour, vaporhell, vaporwave, London (2021)
Status Online
Previous Release 808 Hate Suite
Next Release HVIA

Vaporwave Is Dead is an album by Sandtimer, published by Dream Catalogue.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Prepare To Die! 0:24
2 A2 Recycle 2 2:23
3 A3 Vaporwave Is Alive 1:42
4 A4 The Hunt Is On 1:45
5 A5 Ambient 2:56
6 A6 Public Service Announcement 2:08
7 A7 War 2:17
8 A8 Chaos Of The Void 2:56
9 B1 Clichéd MIDI Interlude 3:59
10 B2 Hydra Spawn 1:12
11 B3 Vaporwave Is Dead 1:47
12 B4 A Message From Flash Kostovich 0:34
13 B5 Welcome To Hardvapour 2:26
14 B6 An Ode To Vaporwave (RIP) 3:26
15 B7 The Architect 3:44
16 B8 End Credits 4:26



"You will meet me, under the dust, where the tree of life once stood. This world is out of time, and now it is mine, ...prepare to die!"

On the fourth anniversary of the birth of vaporwave, we are delighted to inform you that vaporwave is, at last, dead.

Welcome to the new era.


'Vaporwave Is Dead' was an ironic title. Over 5 years later, and it's clear that the Vapor Tetsuo will swallow all, refusing escape to any who it engulfs. Those who believe they have escaped are led through a maze of mystery, only to return back to the spot they were in. We walk amidst the ruins of Vaporwave Statues, wrapped in plastic of azure and pink gradient, which encase the souls of those Tormented Angels whose cries are never heard, for they are silenced out by the cacophony of the Cloud of Midges above, chattering away in mediocrity, forming ever stronger, ensuring the Vapor Tetsuo grows and grows. Infinite growth in a finite reality. What motive the Tetsuo has, it is unclear, however we believe we may find an escape route. Rather than looking outwards, we look in and open our eyes to the grotesque horror show of Vaporhell, embrace its sick landscape for what it is. There, standing miles away, beyond the purple clouds of neon rain in Dreampunk Valley, through the krokodil dens of Hardvapour Village, beyond the anime girls forced to dance in perpetual submission to mindless, repetitive, bland house music down the Future Funk Highway, across the checkerboard floors of Classical Vaporwave Town Hall, and through into Vaporwave City itself, a fortress lays, a great pyramid of evil, the colour of baby pink, its teal capstone hosting VR Vaporwave Parties that never end, just keep getting slower and slower and slower. Inside the centre of the pyramid, however, lays the soul of Vapor Tetsuo, and through hidden tunnels it can be accessed. The trek there will be long, arduous and full of terror. It is a journey few wish to face, yet at least one of us must. Prophecies have foretold of many before us. As we step beyond the ruins of this abyss of Vaporwave Statues cast under dark shadows, a cool wind whispers in our ears, "cometh, your journey awaits." And so we must.


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