I Am Chesumasuta

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I Am Chesumasuta
Release Type Album
Label Dream Catalogue
Bandcamp Album
Release Date July 14, 2016
Tracks 10
Length 41:24
Styles Dreampunk
Tags electronic; ambient; cyberpunk; dreampunk; experimental; future; hardsoft; mentally unstable; post-human
Status Online
Previous Release 夢に生きます
Next Release Simpson 6

I Am Chesumasuta is an album released by チェスマスター, published on cassette and vinyl through Dream Catalogue. The album is described as a "parallel piece" to 非実体.


# Tape Vinyl Track Length
1 A1 A1 I Don't Want To be Alone 3:20
2 A2 A2 Turn Me On 3:26
3 A3 A3 Forever Mine 3:55
4 A4 A4 Control Yourself 3:04
5 A5 A5 Nights Of Passion 4:51
6 B1 A6 You Bring Me Joy 4:00
7 B2 B1 I Need A Hit 3:07
8 B3 B2 Drained 1:14
9 B4 B3 I Am The Non-Entity 5:16
10 B5 B4 And Now I Am Like You 9:05
N/A B6 N/A Untitled 2:56


  • The initial cassette release is known to have an unlisted track after And Now I Am Like You.


I am for indoor use only • I am a toy • You may sit or stand on me • Small children and pets should be nowhere near me when I am operating • Store and operate me in my one bedroom apartment only • Clean me when you feel like • Use me to do any menial tasks, especially anything wet • Before using me, pick up any objects that may remind me of my past identity • If the balcony door is open, keep shut and draw the curtains • I am only intended for use by you • Do anything you want to me • Be aware that I sometimes move on my own • Be aware that I may recall memories and emotions • In case of emergency, activate sedation gas and store me in cage until I have calmed down • Responsibility of me is forever in your hands


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