Saturday Morning No Sleep

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Saturday Morning No Sleep
Saturday Morning No Sleep-cover.png
Release Type Mix
Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number HKE Mix 001
Formats Mixcloud Song
Release Date August 30, 2014
Tracks 12
Length 54:43
Tags vaporwave; deep; dream; electronic
Status Online
Previous Release Sleeping Angel
Next Release Gateway アセンション

Saturday Morning No Sleep is a mix released by HKE, published through Dream Catalogue.


Artist # Track Release
Phil Collins 1 In The Air Tonight Face Value
Ecconigga 2 あなたについての夢
Dream About You
Volume 1
テレヴァペ 3 銀河クルーズ
Galaxy Cruise
Immune 4 Dystopian Love Poem Night Visions
Immune and HKE 5 Murmur Of A Heart Breathless
Internet Goddess Shinatama 6 Presence In The Midst Of An Unspoilt Forest The Unified Consciousness
Tim Hecker 7 100 Years Ago An Imaginary Country
Shima33 8 Melancholy In A Bottle Disgraceful.
Demdike Stare 9 Bardo Thodol Tryptych
wosX 10 Krokodil End Of World Rave
HKE 11 No Sleep Sleeping Angel
Darkpyramid 12 A Heart Full Of Love A Heart Full Of Love


A mix on no sleep. Sloppiest mix I've ever done in my life... accidentally left effects running, played two songs at once by mistake while had headphones on in parts, forgot to turn low pass and hi pass filters back to normal and such

But overall, probably the most enjoyable mix I've ever done... enjoy

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