I'm Fucked Up

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I'm Fucked Up
I'm Fucked Up-cover.png
ArtistHenry Moonchild
Release Type Album (Remix Compilation)
Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number DREAM_144
Bandcamp Album
Release Date February 14, 2018
Tracks 20
Length 1:14:32
Tags electronic; ambient; dreampunk; experimental
Status Online
Henry Moonchild

I'm Fucked Up is a remix compilation released by Henry Moonchild and published through Dream Catalogue.


# Track Length
1 I'm Fucked Up 6:01
2 I'm Fucked Up (Halo Acid Remix) 7:03
3 I'm Fucked Up (MOD-COMM 81 Remix) 3:15
4 I'm Fucked Up (New Shoppe Remix) 3:17
5 I'm Fucked Up (METAGYNDES Remix) 2:08
6 I'm Fucked Up (AUT2M Remix) 5:36
7 I'm Fucked Up (Remember Remix) 2:34
8 I'm Fucked Up (Renjā Remix) 1:08
9 I'm Fucked Up (Sangam Remix) 7:08
10 I'm Fucked Up (Chungking Mansions Remix) 4:24
11 I'm Fucked Up (Slime Mask Remix) 5:01
12 I'm Fucked Up (HKE Remix) 4:00
13 I'm Fucked Up (Earth Remix) 3:09
14 I'm Fucked Up (DEEP STATE Remix) 1:58
15 I'm Fucked Up (Shima33 Remix) 5:31
16 I'm Fucked Up (No Death Remix) 0:59
17 I'm Fucked Up (Pure Violence Remix) 3:59
18 I'm Fucked Up (Lila Tirando a Violeta Remix) 2:25
19 I'm Fucked Up (Martin Smith Remix) 1:36
20 I'm Fucked Up (Danaseus Remix) 3:20


Title song made in one day.

All remixes made the day after.

Dropped the day after that.

I fucking get things done.

And that's what you call the Henry fucking Moonchild vision. As in, my vision. The vision of Henry Moonchild. Middle nam


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