Lucid to It

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Lucid to It
Lucid to It-cover.png
ArtistHong Kong Express
Additional Credits MXXA (Cover art, vocals)
Release Type Album
Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number EVO_1
Bandcamp Album
Release Date September 14, 2021
Tracks 12
Length 44:06

alternative; downtempo; dreampunk; experimental; hyperculture; rock (Dream Catalogue EVO)

electronic; ambient; dreampunk; experimental; rock (Dream Catalogue)
Status Online
Hong Kong Express
Previous Release Punk
Next Release Upgrade YOURSLF

Lucid to It is an album released by Hong Kong Express and published for cassette through Dream Catalogue, originally under Dream Catalogue EVO until being absorbed by Dream Catalogue.


TODO: Document cassette tracklist
# Track Length
1 Cool Poems (MV) 3:43
2 It's Not About You 3:27
3 Dazed Dream (MV) 3:33
4 If I Hold My Breath (ft. Eulalie) 4:16
5 Eternal Fire 3:50
6 Red Sky 4:10
7 La-la-la-la-la (ft. Remember) 3:31
8 Black Jeans & Y-3's 2:53
9 Alone (ft. Eulalie) 3:48
10 The Path (ft. Iona Dream) 3:13
11 Key To The Future 4:32
12 Take Me Back 3:10


We step off the train together into hell. Push through the midnight crowds onto the streets like always, but something isn't the same. The concrete is wet from the rain that fell through the evening, but it's stopped now. The air is dry. Lights don't blind the eyes anymore. Something about the world tilted overnight.


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