Album Title Removed

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Album Title Removed
Album Title Removed-cover.png
ArtistArtist Name Removed
Release Type Album
Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number DREAM_316
Bandcamp Album
Release Date April 6, 2018
Tracks 3
Length 26:37
Tags electronic; ambient; dreampunk; experimental
Status Online
Artist Name Removed

Album Title Removed is an album released by Artist Name Removed, published through Dream Catalogue.


# Track Length
1 The Lament Of Satan 1:56
2 Dumbass Motherfuckers 20:32
3 The Universe Is Boring 4:09


Album Description

"Worst album ever, HKE is a fucking idiot for releasing this!" - some dumb fuck jabroni

Bottom Black Bar

Unravel the monkey's brain and you will find a terrified reptile.

Death pervades throughout everything, the force that drives energy
and life, what life sustains itself on, and so life is death, and vice versa,
creating a perpetual cycle that encompasses all things.

As such, death stands as an indestructible monolith over all living
things and thee humans, fully aware of this face, live permanently and
visibly in the dark and horrid shadow it gasts. And through they survive on
death, the y innately evade and detest death, it being their most primal response,
the core of their reptilian brain

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