A Heart Full Of Love

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A Heart Full Of Love
A Heart Full Of Love-cover.png
Release Type Album
Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number DREAM_56
Bandcamp Album
Release Date September 14, 2014
Tracks 12
Length 1:05:36
Styles Dreampunk
Tags electronic; ambient; concept album; cyberpunk; dreampunk; experimental; future; future ambient; post-human
Status Online
Previous Release Electrical Teardrops
Next Release Cytherea Somniare

A Heart Full Of Love is an album released by DARKPYRAMID and published through Dream Catalogue. The album was published for cassette through DREAMBOX_1 by Dream Catalogue, featuring nine other albums never released on cassette.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 He Stole Her From The Company Of God 4:32
2 A2 Cytherea's Song 5:48
3 A3 The Sprawl In Decay 6:32
4 A4 Falling 2:04
5 A5 Kisses In Electric Rain 3:26
6 A6 Forbidden 2:38
7 A7 A Hotel Room (Lit By A TV Screen) 4:14
8 A8 Dreams 2:24
9 B1 Embracing 13:10
10 B2 A Heart Full Of Love (MV) 4:26
11 B3 Shut Down /ESC 5:10
12 B4 Outside The Pyramid 11:12


A Heart Full Of Love
2302 AD
A story from the black heart of the dark pyramid.

She was just a test model.
"But she was mine," he said.


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