I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky

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I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky
Additional Credits Keith Rankin (Art Design)
Release Type Album
Label Dream Catalogue (Removed)
100% Electronica
Catalog Number DREAM_132 (Dream Catalogue)
113P (100% Electronica)
Bandcamp Album
(Paid Download)
Release Date October 11, 2016
Tracks 26 (25+1 bonus track)
Length 1:11:11
1:15:34 (w/ bonus track)
Styles Segahaze

electronic; midi; ost; rpg; vgm; ambient; chiptune; knightrock; soundtrack; vaporwave; video game (Equip)

soundtrack; midi; rpg; vaporwave; videogame (100% Electronica)

electronic; dream; dreampunk; experimental; jrpg; soundtrack; vapour; vgm; video game (Dream Catalogue)
Status Online
Next Release Synthetic Core 88

I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky is the first album by Equip. The album has more original composition while utilizing samples and SoundFonts found in older JRPGs. It was published through Dream Catalogue on cassette, but was removed from the label. The album was repressed through 100% Electronica on cassette and vinyl.


# Tape Vinyl Track Length
1 A1 A1 ⏏Startup-> NEW GAME 0:09
2 A2 A2 I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky ~Opening Credits~ 4:15
3 A3 A3 EQUIP menu ⚔(Character Customization) 2:42
4 A4 A4 The Dream Begins [Outside The Gates] 3:20
5 A5 A5 Another Way In {SEWERS} 1:31
6 A6 A6 LICHEN-ENCRUSTED Chamber 2:26
7 A7 A7 Hidden Grotto ~FROZEN IN TIME~ 2:30
8 A8 B1 D r u i d s [Encounter] 3:08
9 A9 B2 d r e a m c o r r i d o r 1:04
10 A10 B3 Hunting ⬆&⬇ (d r e a m s of the Overworld) 2:00
11 A11 B4 Passage of Shifting Floors-> COLLAPSE 2:20
12 A12 B5 D U N G E O N 4:22
13 A13 B6 Passage Into The Mirror of Truth [REFLECTIONS of the SELF] 2:17
14 A14 B7 Identity 3:20
15 B1 C1 RE-ENERGIZED (groundskeeping) 2:24
16 B2 C2 Peaceful Clearing ⛺ 1:57
17 B3 C3 MOONLIT CHAMBER [s a n d & s n a k e s] 1:56
18 B4 C4 The STAFF 3:21
19 B5 C5 Ascending s k y w a r d 3:14
20 B6 C6 Skytrot 2:40
21 B7 C7 Spherical Floating Gardens 3:46
22 B8 D1 s t e a m w o r k s 2:36
24 B10 D3 Reunited 3:27
25 B11 D4 CONTINUE? 2:16
26 N/A N/A Ancient Ivy Atrium [Secret Room] 4:22


  • Ancient Ivy Atrium [Secret Room] is only included in digital copies that came with 100% Electronica pressings of the album. The track was apparently made during the same time as the album, but went unreleased. In 2017, it was included on the Grid City compilation on the Love Lion label, under the name Ancient Ivy Atrium. The track was also included in the 2020 album Side Quests.



Step forth, young adventurer, and boot up the most realistic operating system ever developed. The human brain. Pixels-per-inch beyond the limits of perception. Three dimensional aural immersion. Dreaming yet?
Put on your headphones and immerse yourself in the brand new world of EQUIP.
I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky isn’t just another RPG. Jam packed with over an hour of hypnagogic brainwaves spanning twenty five tracks, you’ve never experienced anything like this before.

•The gates are locked, but there’s gotta be another way in. Tried the sewers?
•The palace isn’t entirely vacated- Equip yourself and prepare for the inevitable encounter. Don’t trust the Druids.
•One cannot find what they seek without first finding themselves. The Mirror Of Truth reveals all.
•Stuck on the ground level? Once upon a
full moon, when conditions are right,
the STAFF will reveal itself.

I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky.
Live the dream.


TODO: Physical media scans.

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