Aesthetic 2013-2018

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Aesthetic 2013-2018
Aesthetic 2013-2018-cover.png
Release Type Sampler
Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number RESYNC_777_888
Bandcamp Album
SoundCloud Set
Release Date December 12, 2018
January 30, 2019
Tracks 26
Length 1:53:49
Styles Hardvapour, Dreampunk

electronic; experimental; ambient; dream; dreampunk; experimental (Bandcamp)

Electronic; Experimental; Ambient; dream (SoundCloud)
Status Online
Previous Release Shadow Merchants
Next Release Elucidatory Dream Object Hypermarket Drop 2019

Aesthetic 2013-2018 is a sampler released by HKE, published for cassette through Dream Catalogue in 2019. The sampler serves as a "best of", consisting of tracks released from 2013 to 2018 (Alongside a few unreleased tracks).


# Tape Track Release Length
1 A1 Memories Pain of Gods & Loop Matrix 5:54
2 A2 Shiva SQ777-1: No Man Is God 5:20
3 A3 Romantic Dream 浪漫的夢想 4:34
4 A4 Fade DELETE 6:14
5 A5 Ghost HK 6:38
6 A6 London London 2:57
7 A7 Awake OMNIA 4:10
8 A8 Dragon Blood Dragon Soul 4:36
9 A9 No Sleep Sleeping Angel & Charming Devil 4:34
10 A10 Pressure Drop Original 4:43
11 A11 HKE (ft. MXXA) 6:00
12 B1 Paranoia (as "Hong Kong Express") Hong Kong Express 2:05
13 B2 Sleeping Beast (as "Ancient Sandtimer") Stay Away 2:24
14 B3 2084 (as "AIR Japan") Ghost Dragon 2:46
15 B4 सूर्यास्त (as "Lotus Flowers")
वार्युद्भव 2:12
16 B5 New Animals Expensive Fashion (as "Silk Demon") Silk Demon's the Embrace Between the Circus and the Sky 5:36
17 B6 Drop The Throne (as "Henry Moonchild") Original 5:08
18 B7 A Heart Full Of Love (as "DARKPYRAMID") A Heart Full Of Love 4:26
19 B8 ふわっと (as "2814", with t e l e p a t h)
新しい日の誕生 6:22
20 B9 hold me again (as "emperor tangerine") find me lady 7:10
21 B10 sadness_1066 (as "hyper_devil") THE DARKNESS AND HATRED INSIDE 2:20
22 B11 Like Spinning Plates (as "Martin Smith") LOST: The Infernal Mixtape 2:07
23 B12 Meteor Dagger (as "Sandtimer") Pain of Gods & The New King 2:06
24 B13 Crying Angel (as "Buried Angel") Sleep Tsunami 5:05
25 B14 I Am The Non-Entity (as "チェスマスター") I Am Chesumasuta 5:16
26 B15 Time Existence 2 (as "Subaeris") Existence 3:06



Neither a ‘best of’, nor a ‘greatest hits’, HKE’s Aesthetic 2013-2018 instead serves as both an introduction and a reminder – a starting point or an addendum, depending on how you decide to approach this two-sided set. It is an overview of these years of Dream Catalogue's founder and spiritual guru, David Russo, the artist: an invitation to explore the branches of this tree of life far beyond what is presented here.

This compilation comprises one track from each of his most notable releases as ‘HKE’; individual track selections from a variety of his aliases; new songs Pressure Drop and HKE (ft. MXXA), made specifically for this compilation; and an unreleased Henry Moonchild track – all sequenced together to make for something that works as an individual full-length listen in itself. This release covers an at times utterly demented approach, given the extremely prolific and wide-ranging scope of the output it draws from – a kaleidoscope of crashing aesthetics.

Aesthetic 2013-2018 attempts to neatly tie a bundle of chaos into a small gift box. But the box reveals an invitation to take a deep dive into the divine chaos of The Artist Formerly Known As HKE, 2013 - 2018.


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