Bonafide Beats #79

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Bonafide Beats #79
HKE x Bonafide Beats-cover.jpg
Release Type Mix
Label Bonafide Magazine
Catalog Number #79
Formats Mixcloud Song
Release Date January 5, 2016
Tracks 11
Length 44:54
Tags downtempo; vaporwave; electronica; experimental; ambient
Status Online
Previous Release Apocalypse
Next Release Evolution
The correct title of this article is Bonafide Beats #79. It appears incorrectly in the URL due to technical restrictions.

Bonafide Beats #79 (Also known as HKE x Bonafide Beats #79) is a mix released by HKE, published through Bonafide Magazine for their "Bonafide Beats" mix series.


Artist # Track Release
2047 1 For I Am Infinity (Extract) For I am Infinity!
Darkpyramid 2 A Heart Full Of Love A Heart Full Of Love
Diamondstein 3 Nat Sherman Arpeggiator Nat Sherman Arpeggiator
Demdike Stare 4 Desert Ascetic Tryptych
Chessmaster 5 DREAM B 夢に生きます
Flash Kostivich 6 Coding At Dawn (ft. Telepath) Hacking for Freedom
Ruf Dug 7 Treatment 32 (Extract) Treatment 32
Ash Koosha 8 XXXL GUUD
Deiphix 9 Hyperballad In Space Unreleased
Jim Johnston 10 Rest In Peace WWE: Rest in Peace (The Undertaker)
HKE 11 From Dust Gateway アセンション


HKE, owner of the Dream Catalogue label and one half of the 2814 duo, is one of the leading artists involved in the vaporwave scene today and is known for his ethereal soundscapes.

As well as several albums on his own label, he has had releases with Not Not Fun, Ailanthus Recordings, No Problema Tapes and Adhesive Sounds in the past few years with various different projects.

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