Venus Cloud City

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Venus Cloud City
Venus Cloud City-cover.jpg
ArtistAUT2M / Subaeris
Release Type Album (Split)
Label Cosmic Vector
Catalog Number CV_001
Bandcamp Album
Release Date October 2, 2020
Tracks 8
Length 43:01

drone; electronic; ambient; dreampunk (AUT2M)

ambient; electronic; experimental; dreampunk; drone; solarpunk; space (Cosmic Vector)
Status Online
Previous Release MCMLXX
Next Release Psyche Expression
Previous Release Blue Mood Three

Venus Cloud City is an album split released by AUT2M and Subaeris and published through Cosmic Vector.


Artist # Track Length
Subaeris 1 Venus Port 73 Drop-In 7:52
2 Empty Streets 5:59
3 Towersurfer 3:12
4 The New Home 4:41
AUT2M 5 Habitat 13-A 5:54
6 Skyline Transit 5:27
7 Table With A View 5:22
8 Atmosphere Control 4:34


With our formerly beautiful planet now a barren wasteland where mutant ants and iguanas engage in perpetual war, steel tail meeting iron mandible, to feast upon the slim spoils that were left, it was up to the minute fraction of humanity that had the desired traits to undertake the Great Solar Repopulation Program to rebuild the empire. New colonies were launched as far as Ganymede in order to ensure our continued survival.

You are one of the lucky few chosen. How long was your journey? Months? Years? Cryogenic stasis has rendered you unable to tell, you only know that you're hurtling towards the harsh acidic upper atmosphere of Venus where a small number of Cloud Cities harbour the last hopes of humanity. There is nowhere else in the Solar System you would rather be as you drop onto Venus Port's Drop-in 73.

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