In Search Of The Chessmaster

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In Search Of The Chessmaster
In Search Of The Chessmaster-cover.png
Release Type Album
Label BLCR Laboratories
Catalog Number BLCR - 0030
Bandcamp Album
Release Date March 10, 2016
September 8, 2016
Tracks 10
Length 41:11
Tags experimental; dark ambient; deathdream; dreampunk; end of time; hardvapouer; noise; recycle; searching; x
Status Online
Previous Release HVIA
Next Release God

In Search Of The Chessmaster is an album released by Sandtimer and published for cassette through BLCR Laboratories.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Quantum Entanglement 3:23
2 A2 Twin Theory 4:00
3 A3 Physical Detachment 1:48
4 A4 Body Exchange 2:59
5 A5 Dark Matter 5:12
6 A6 The End Of Time 4:20
7 B1 Zero Mass 5:21
8 B2 Death River 1:55
9 B3 Split Atom 4:46
10 B4 Recycle 4 7:27


  • The artwork for The End Of Time formats the title as The End of Time instead.


A message from Sandtimer...

It was supposed to be the first collaboration album between myself and The Chessmaster

I contacted him and we agreed it would be for the best to work together.

Two minds better than one.

He spoke in concise sentences. Brief emails, always signed with an X.

Who is this guy?

A month passed and nothing.

One night I receive an email from a strange account.

A zip file,

I download, unzipped and my computer screen turned black, strings of random characters in a red font dripping down the screen like blood.

After a 30 minute boot-up, I restart computer and all my contents have been erased, my OS reset to factory settings.

Only one thing left. A folder full of strange audio clips.

I mashed these clips into an album with my own music.

'In Search Of The Chessmaster'

I never heard from him again.


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