The Mysteries of Vapor City

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The Mysteries of Vapor City
The Mysteries of Vapor City-cover.png
Release Type Album
Label Self-published
Bandcamp Album
Release Date May 3, 2016
Tracks 8
Length 29:20
Tags soundtrack; hardboiledvapour; hardmystery; noirvapour; rainvapour; vaporwave
Status Online

The Mysteries Of Vapor City is an album released by Vaporsleuth.


# Track Length
1 The Rain Never Ends 6:10
2 Word On The Street 3:45
3 A Dame In A Skirt 2:49
4 Red And Black's Casino 3:15
5 The Wolf Plays In C Minor 2:10
6 Nobody 5:44
7 The City Never Ends 2:59
8 On This Rainy Afternoon (End Credits, performed by Jerry Douglas) 2:28


Welcome to Vapor City, where the rain never ends...

Join the Vaporsleuth as he telegrams his assistant "Doc" with updates on his attempts to unravel the mystery of "Old Red" an unknown entity who has taken over the city, in this thrilling and cinematic new noirvapour adventure.

The full soundtrack is originally composed, with the end credits supplied by famous hardcroon vocalist Jerry Douglas

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