Singles, Winter 20/21

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Singles, Winter 20/21
Singles, Winter 20 21-cover.png
ArtistVarious Artists
Release Type Sampler
Label Dream Catalogue
Bandcamp Album
Release Date February 10, 2021
Tracks 29
28 (Streaming)
Length 2:11:52
2:04:08 (Streaming)
Tags electronic; ambient; dreampunk; experimental
Status Online
Various Artists

Singles, Winter 20/21 is a sampler released and published by Dream Catalogue. The sampler consists primarily of singles released from Winter of 2020 to February of 2021.


Artist # Track Release Length
Kagami Smile 1 Your Life In A Mirror Sleep & Fragment Of Loss / Gathering Dust / Sleep 6:10
LeonLS 2 Dance of Vibrations Esoteric Dream 3:26
Hong Kong Express 3 Headchain 2051 Headchain 2051 / Return of Rain 3:57
AUT2M 4 We All Think We All Think 3:12
Cyberiaaa 5 Tides Of Light TIDES OF LIGHT 2:59
Biomass 6 Machine Human Revolution 6:52
Elegance of the Damned ft. Take Back Thee Night 7 Fool Me Once Shame On You, Fool Me Twice I Punch Your Face Fool Me Once Shame On You, Fool Me Twice I Punch Your Face 5:55
Evitceles 8 Subtle Liquid Subtle Liquid 6:24
WEI 9 Era II Era II 5:42
Renja 10 To Find To Find / Feels Good 1:41
Powlos 11 Kairos Kairos 4:04
Hayo 12 Murg Murg 3:18
HKE 13 Dazed In Croydon Dazed In Croydon 4:56
Hong Kong Express 14 Return Of Rain Headchain 2051 / Return of Rain 4:51
The Microgram 15 Growth Through Pain Growth Through Pain 4:23
No Death 16 When To Say Goodbye When To Say Goodbye 3:33
Dog And Fox 17 Anno Anno 5:06
Polaroid 18 Rise Rise 6:13
Sun Corp. 19 Borrowed Hardware Borrowed Hardware 4:30
mori_de_kurasu 20 Musashino Landscape 5:37
Opa Epa 21 Find Me Find Me 2:45
Quark Expresso 22 d_Bran Quark Expresso 3:00
Reality Matrix 23 Skin Melting, Through The Blackest Void Into The Body Of The Electronic Beast Your Soul, A Shadow 3:33
Winterquilt 24 Dominion Over The Earth (ft. Void Stare) Dominion Over The Earth 3:27
Ross Khmil 25 Olivia Olivia 6:54
Subaeris 26 Blue Mood 3 Blue Mood Three (as "Dream Data Redux") 4:28
Renja 27 Feels Good To Find / Feels Good 1:52
Chesumasuta 28 God From Da Machine God From Da Machine 5:20
Hirotaka Shirotsu 29 Regret Rising In The Winter Sky Regret Rising In The Winter Sky 7:44

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