Tenay in Tokyo

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Tenay in Tokyo
ArtistMike Tenay
Release Type Album
Label Self-published
Bandcamp Album
Release Date August 4, 2014
Tracks 10
Length 26:54
Styles Future Funk
Tags 80s; electronic; chillwave; dreamfunk; funk; future funk; j-pop; japan; jpop; outrun; synth; synthpop; synthwave; tokyo; vaporwave
Status Online
Mike Tenay
Previous Release Fuck Business Casual 87'
Next Release heartbreak (Mike Tenay Remix)

Tenay in Tokyo is the second album of the Mike Tenay project.


# Track Length
1 The King Cometh (Intro) 0:34
2 Sweet Talker 3:10
3 Geisha Girls 2:48
4 Jaguji Love 2:17
5 Fuck 2:20
6 Holy Smokes 2:20
7 Love Me Tonight 3:17
8 She Wants Me 3:39
9 Hot and Sexy 2:41
10 Tokyo Nights 3:48


After TNA lost their TV contract I went to Japan to find work as an announcer for NJPW. I stayed only for the expensive cocktail bars and hot babes.

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