Shinjuku Underground - Meditation Chamber System Overload

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Shinjuku Underground - Meditation Chamber System Overload
Shinjuku Underground - Meditation Chamber System Overload-cover.png
Release Type Album
Label Asura Revolver
Catalog Number ASURA:01
Bandcamp Album
Spotify Album
Release Date August 28, 2013
October 18, 2016 (Cassette)
Tracks 4
Length 1:20:00
Styles Ambient
Tags electronic; ambient; concept; dreampunk; drone; future; meditation
Status Online
Previous Release Kegare
Next Release Europa

Shinjuku Underground - Meditation Chamber System Overload is an album released by Subaeris. In October of 2016, the album was published for cassette through Asura Revolver. The cassette version is infamous for its misspelling of the artist's name as "Subaris" on the cassette labels.


# Tape Track Length
SubAris [sic]
1 A1 Select Mode / Astral Projection Of Liquid Souls 11:44
2 A2 Floatover Tokyo / The Neon Blur 24:32
SuBaris [sic]
3 B1 Removal Of The Dimension 'Time' 22:40
4 B2 System Overload - Inside The Eye Of The Creator 21:04


You take the steps down off the street to get out from under the heavy rainfall and the old metal doors slide open with a wet squeak. There is a buzzing machine that lights up the dark empty room in cold blue. A tattered leather seat surrounded by wires and metal - an old-fashioned meditation chamber. You take off your raincoat and sit down, pull the headset over your eyes, ears and nose, feeling the headpads lock tight on your skull. In your visionfield, you are presented by the 2080's version of the LUCIDcorp. logo as the system whirs to life. A cute girl's voice in your ears asks "what journey will you take with us tonight, sir?" You scroll through the list with your pupils until you reach one that interests you. 'Astral Projection Of Liquid Souls'. You wonder, will the rain die tonight?

"Shinjuku Underground - Meditation Chamber System Overload" is an 80 minute conceptual journey of ambient meditation in a futuristic cyberpunk style.


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