Elucidatory Dream Object Hypermarket Drop 2019

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Elucidatory Dream Object Hypermarket Drop 2019
Elucidatory Dream Object Hypermarket Drop 2019-cover.jpg
Release Type Album
Label Self-published
Bandcamp Album
SoundCloud Set
Release Date October 10, 2019 (SoundCloud)
November 19, 2020 (Bandcamp)
Tracks 7 (SoundCloud)
8 (Bandcamp)
Length 16:02 (SoundCloud)
20:07 (Bandcamp)

LUCID (SoundCloud)

electronic; ambient; chaos; cyberpunk; dreampunk; end of music; eom; experimental; idm; lucid (Bandcamp)
Status Online
Previous Release Aesthetic 2013-2018
Next Release I Am

Elucidatory Dream Object Hypermarket Drop 2019 (Shorten to E​.​D​.​O. Hypermarket Drop on Bandcamp) is an album released by HKE. Originally exclusively released to SoundCloud on October 10, 2019, the album was later published on HKE's Bandcamp along with a bonus track on November 19, 2020.


# Track Length
1 Anime Soul 2:47
2 Flapitalism 2:26
3 Soak The Planet With The Beauty Of Life 3:17
4 Desert Of The Hyperreal 2:19
5 The Object Itself [Menu Theme] 0:37
6 Passive Emotion 2:33
7 Music 2:02
8 Bonus Track 4:06



I could have probably written 10k words on the intention of this drop. Why am I releasing my first album proper in almost two years on Soundcloud? Why did a man who made almost 200 albums in the apce of 4 years suddenly stop making music (for the most part (#FLAP)), only to arrive back after years of "going away" to come "back" and drop a 16 minute "record" on a decomposing platform like "Soundcloud"? All that energy cashed in for this grand return that will reach probably only a fraction of the people it could reach potentially? Well, I'm not going to waste too much of your time explaining myself and my actions, because you have so much more data to consume after this and your "time" is "sacred". There are only 24 hours in a day, we sleep for around 8 of those hours and there are bound to be another 20 "drops" out by the "time" you've heard this that you can move on to after this without much thought, time or consideration. I aim to be respectful like that.


Originally released as a Soundcloud exclusive in 2019. I have forgotten exactly why.


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