SQ777-7: Sacred Code (Encrypted)

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SQ777-7: Sacred Code (Encrypted)
SQ777-7 Sacred Code (Encrypted)-cover and 2017 j-card.png
Release Type Album
Label Asura Revolver
Catalog Number ASURA:12 (Asura Revolver)
TEK-013 (Tekres)
Release Date December 29, 2017
Tracks 7
Length 30:02
Styles Hardvapour
Tags alternative; ambient; dubstep; fuck; ghost tech; techno; uk garage; vapour
Status Online
Previous Release SQ777-6: 16-Cell
Next Release Charming Devil
Sequence 777 Series
Previous Release SQ777-6: 16-Cell
Next Release Sequence 777

SQ777-7: Sacred Code (Encrypted) is an album released by HKE, published for cassette through Asura Revolver. HKE originally schedule the album to be released on November 10, 2017, but was delayed and left on hold after Tekres' owner Halo Acid became homeless.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Inertia Circus 4:48
2 A2 Lullaby (ft. Sangam) 4:11
3 A3 CXLI 4:08
4 A4 Mirrored Dream 3:53
5 B1 Time 4:08
6 B2 Diavolo 3:34
7 B3 Numbers (ft. Pippo) 5:20


Planned to set release and drafted via Tekres, it was lost and remained unreleased due to unforseen circumstances. We here at Asura got in touch with Tekres and HKE and we are now proud to be releasing the last sequence.

Sequence 777 was born as a reaction, a balancing act to bring about equilibrium.

The music across all 7 releases were selected in a draft process between the 7 labels, and as such reflect the curation and tastes of each label as much as they reflect myself as an artist.

"Sacred 777 Eternal"


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