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ArtistMike Tenay
Release Type Album
Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number DREAMCAT#0019
Bandcamp Album
Release Date February 2, 2014
May 1, 2014 (Diamond Edition)
Tracks 16 (10 + 6 bonus)
Length 35:57
55:20 (Diamond Edition)

80s; electronic; chillwave; dreamfunk; synthpop; vaporwave (Mike Tenay)

1980s; 80s; electronic; dream; dream music; experimental electronic; funk; pop; synth; synthpop; vaporwave (Dream Catalogue)
Status Online
Mike Tenay
Next Release Fuck Business Casual 87'

Jacuzzi (Also known as Jacuzzi (Diamond Edition)) is an album released by Mike Tenay. In May of 2014, the album was published through Dream Catalogue featuring six new tracks. It was removed from the label following a purge of mostly sample-based content.


# Track Length
1 Jacuzzi Love 2:54
2 Rollerbabe 3:28
3 Miami Beach 4:58
4 Slow And Easy 4:49
5 Top Squeeze 3:24
6 Pink Flamingo 3:19
7 Swimming With Dolphins 3:26
8 Flow Money 2:50
9 Bubble Butt 3:19
10 So Many Girls 3:30
Diamond Edition
11 Let's Dance 4:21
12 Lick U 2:50
13 Babe From Beijing 3:42
14 In The Mix 2:10
15 Destiny 3:00
16 We Are Alone 3:20


Speeding along the coastline in your red ferrari with the roof down, the blast of night air refreshes you after a long day in the sun with your top squeeze.

Jacuzzi (Diamond Edition) sees a re-release of Mike Tenay’s popular ‘Jacuzzi’ album, which at one point topped the vaporwave charts on Bandcamp. The ‘Diamond Edition’ release, exclusive to Dream Catalogue, features 6 brand new tracks to go alongside the original 10 that made ‘Jacuzzi’ a huge success.


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